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procycling team equipment

BIKE AID professional team rides cycling races all over the world, on all continents and under all conceivable conditions. Whether sandpists and more than 40 degrees in Africa or sleet at nearly 4,000m of altitude in the mountains of Tibet Plateau in China. In Europe we ride alongside the teams of the Tour de France and the World Tour. The material must withstand a lot and bring our riders quickly and safely to the finish in order to survive against the competition. That's why we choose our equipment carefully and offer our suppliers a unique test-plateform.

KAZE Bikes

High end aero bikes, made in Thailand. This is the unusual bike sponsor of our team, with whose model Kanon XR our riders rock the race tracks of this world. All details up to date such as the possibility of fully integrated train routing, disc brakes, thru axles and with the best aerodynamics and stiffness.

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By combining innovative design with the best available lens technology, our English partner produces extremely high-quality eyewear that helps to increase performance. The wide range of options for customization of color, design, etc. leaves nothing to be desired by our riders!

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F2P Sportswear

With F2P Sportswear we have another Thai producer with us. In their headquarters in Bangkok, they are constantly working on the design and material for our team clothing, as also here marginal gains can be made. Individual, modern fit and comfort merge together here.

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The cycle computer pioneers from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse have the ROX 11.1 EVO, a high-end GPS computer in the program, which helps our riders to keep orientation around the world. In addition to the strong navigation, the device convinces with many useful tools for professional training control and evaluation.

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The products of the Swiss family-owned company Brunox can be found in many workshops worldwide, especially the classic "Turbo Spray". The team relies on the bike care products in daily racing use. Whether chain oil, brake cleaner, bike washer, the product range gives everything so that the bikes can be maintained daily.

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With the ABUS Airbreaker and Gamechanger we do not have to compromise in the most diverse weather conditions around the globe! The helmets of the German manufacturer are eye-catchers and offer the best possible protection, whether on the way home from work or in heated races.

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In cycling, nutrition is a crucial factor for performance. If you want to perform at the top, you have to fuel yourself with the best available nutrients. Maurten sets the benchmark here worldwide! In cooperation with research institutes, a perfect mix of different forms of carbohydrates was produced. And all this in a drinkable form. Goodbye to full jersey pockets!

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